Biomedical, Medical Device
and Green Technology

The firm assists biomedical, medical device and green technology companies in all phases of their corporate development.

We assist start-up companies in their initial corporate formations and structuring and in formulating their growth strategies. The traditional growth patterns in these industries have undergone radical change over the past few years. Available financing is far more limited and companies are less able to afford financial missteps. Although still important, patent protection and corporate management selection must fit within the company's overall financial plan. Therefore, the company's use of funds must be realistically developed as an initial step in corporate evolution. We assist clients in this process.

We also assist development stage companies and middle market companies in connection with all phases of their growth. We assist clients in connection with the negotiation and preparation of licensing, joint venture, financing, and sale agreements. We are familiar with all types of financing arrangements including investment banking, private equity, venture capital and angel investment and we offer advice with respect to the availability and appropriateness of various financing vehicles for the client. We assist clients in connection with public offerings, private placements, and reverse merger (shell) transactions. With respect to the biomedical and medical device industries, we are familiar with the FDA process and the need for feasible reimbursement strategies. Although we do not perform patent prosecution, we are familiar with patents and their applicability as well as patent concepts such as right of use and patent landscaping. Such understanding is necessary to provide advice to companies in these industries. We help management understand the applicable government processes in order to permit them to develop a comprehensive growth strategy and a realistic corporate plan of operations.


Our mission is to serve and to protect the
interests of our clients and assist in the evolution
and growth of their businesses in today's shifting economic landscape.

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