Electronic Transaction Processing

The firm has represented clients in the electronic transaction processing industry for more than twelve years. The firm has represented processors, ISO's, and agents in connection with credit and debit card processing issues, ATM transaction processing, and cash advance processing in all facets of their operation. We have represented clients in connection with the negotiation and drafting of all types of industry-related agreements, including Bank, Sub-ISO, and agent agreements. We have been involved in the purchase and sale of portfolios. We are familiar with ATM maintenance and ATM site agreements and Card Association rules and procedures.

The firm also understands that the greatest concern facing Electronic Transaction Processors today is protecting their residual portfolios. We work with our clients to provide the maximum possible protection to their residual portfolios.


Our mission is to serve and to protect the
interests of our clients and assist in the evolution
and growth of their businesses in today's shifting economic landscape.

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