You can make anything by writing - C.S. Lewis


Septernia is the world I am building for most future fantasy fiction I write and it is also the world the online version of Jafabit will take place in.

Caught between the elemental planes of fire and ice. Where a sky of ice and an ocean of lava collide, a world between worlds emerged.

In the beginning - whenever - wherever that was… The ice would melt, shedding its blood on the fire seas below, quenching their hunger and extinguishing their flame, for a moment at least. The world was chaos, smoke, steam, and lava; until the calving.

The sky fell. Most of it boiled away, except for the most massive chunks. Great landmasses and oceans were born amongst their cooling, life giving blood.

Huge chunks of land, floated in a sea of fire like corks in a bottle. Shielded from the flames and fed by the drips, great icicles grew down to the earth below, anchoring the lands and solidifying ice's eternal grasp on fire.

Beasts of ice descended as those of fire rose from the flames to battle amongst the killing fields, the blood lands as we call them now. And life bloomed in this bosom. A seed from a far off land, caught on a storm over the lava sea. From that seed, a world was born.

Septernia. A world of fire and ice and mist.


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